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The President of Iceland

This is the English version of the official web site of the President of Iceland. Here you will find information about the Presidency, about President Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson and the First Lady, Dorrit Moussaieff, a selection of speeches by the President in English and other foreign languages, and other relevant information.

The Icelandic version of the web site contains more details about the activities of the President, speeches in Icelandic, a collection of press releases and various other materials.


11 November 2015

A Speech at a State Banquet given by the President of Singaport during a State Visit to Singapore.


4 November 2015

A Speech at a State Banquet given by the President of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam during a State Visit to the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Hanoi. Vietnamese translation.

27 October 2015

Speech given at a lunch in honour of the Nordic Council at Bessastaðir (in Norwegian) (Icelandic translation).

16 October 2015

Speech at the opening of the 3rd Arctic Circle Assembly.

8 September 2015

Speech at the opening of Alþingi, the parliament of Iceland.

11 August 2015

The West Nordic Dimension in the Global Arctic. A speech at the 30th Anniversary Assembly of the West Nordic Council.

10 June 2015

Pre-recorded speech at the opening of the 33rd Congress of the Scandinavian Society of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care, SSAI.

9 June 2015

Speech in a luncheon hosted by the Governor General of Canada, Ottawa.

11 March 2015

Speech on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Lithuanian independence. Delivered at a special meeting in the Lithuanian Parliament, Vilnius.

24 February 2015

Speech when accepting the Degree of Doctor Honoris Causa at Université Laval, Québec.

5 February 2015

Speech at the Himalaya-Third Pole Circle, Thimphu.

1 January 2015

New Year Address (in English translation), delivered by President Ólafur Ragnar Grimsson on the State Broadcasting System (RÚV).

21 November 2014

Lecture at Cornell University: Iceland's Clean Energy Economy: Lessons for a Global Transformation (video recording).

31 October 2014

Speech at the opening of the Second Assembly of the Arctic Circle.

31 October 2014

The Arctic in the New World. An article in the Morgunbladid newspaper.

06 October 2014

A greeting exhibited in the Kon Tiki Museum in Oslo honouring Thor Heyerdahl the Norwegian explorer. 

9 September 2014

 Speech at the opening of the Althingi.

13 August 2014

Speech at the Opening of the Nordic Rheology, Concrete Research and Eco-Crete Conferences, Reykjavík (in English).

17 July 2014

Foreword to a book of photographs of the Icelandic horse (in English).

5 June 2014

Speech at the UN Decade of Sustainable Energy for All Official Launch, UN Headquarters, New York.

21 May 2014

Speech at the opening of a conference on the common Nordic labour market (in Norwegian).

5 May 2014

Speech at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs: Iceland and Water in the 21st Century: The New Importance of the Arctic and the Himalayas.

1 May 2014

Speech at the American-Scandinavian Foundation Gala Dinner, New York.

23 April 2014

Speech at the Google workshop on Maritime Domain Awareness, Mountain View, California.

22 April 2014

People and Ice: The New Global Significance of the Arctic and the Himalayas. Speech at the World Affairs Council and the Commonwealth Club of California, San Francisco.

3 April 2014

Message sent to the conference Quel Avenir pour l'Arctique?, Paris.

19 March 2014

Speech on 'The Nordic Countries in a Global Arctic', delivered at the Arctic Dialogue conference in Bodö, Norway.

6 March 2014

Speech at the Masdar Institute of Technology, Abu Dhabi.

5 March 2014

Speech at the Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research, ECSSR, in Abu Dhabi.

20 January 2014

Speech at the Zayed Future Energy Prize Award Ceremony, delivered in Abu Dhabi.

1 January 2014

New Years Address. English translation, delivered by President Ólafur Ragnar Grimsson on the State Broadcasting System (RÚV).

Archive (news items prior to 1 January 2014).