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Dorrit Moussaieff

Dorrit Moussaieff was born on 12 January 1950 in Jerusalem. Her parents, Alisa and Shlomo Moussaieff, have been active in the jewellery trade for decades. Her father is one of the world's leading collectors of antiquities dating from the time of the Old Testament.

Dorrit moved to London in her teens. Dyslexia made it difficult for her to attend ordinary school, and she was educated by private tutors.

For many years, Dorrit has been an active jeweller, specialising in rare stones. She has engaged in various other business operations; at one time she was in charge of the refurnishing of many old and historic buildings, mainly in Britain. She has written articles in British periodicals. Dorrit has for many years been involved in a range of cultural events in Britain and the USA and worked with many influential figures in the arts and business both there and in other countries.

Dorrit became engaged to Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson, the President of Iceland, in 2000. They were married on the President's birthday, 14 May 2003.

In recent years, Dorrit Moussaieff has also dedicated her efforts to promoting Icelandic culture and artistic productions in the international arena, helping to publicize Icelandic artists and working for the welfare of children and young people, particularly those who are handicapped or have psychiatric problems. Together with her husband, she has played an active role in supporting overseas ventures by Icelandic companies and finding markets for Icelandic products abroad.

Dorrit has two sisters: Tamara, who lives in New York, and Sharon, who lives with her family in Tel Aviv.