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Inauguration, 1 August 1996
Press meeting with the President of Poland (1999)
Meeting with Hillary Rodham Clinton (2003)
In Greenland with the Royal couple of Denmark and the Head of the Greeland local government and his wife in 2000
US President Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton at Bessastaðir (2004)
Taking leave of the President of Italy (1997)
Inauguration ceremony, 1 August 2004
With President Bill Clinton in the White House (1997)
Lecturing at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia (2003)
White House banquet (2002)
Visiting the US Capitol (2000)
Visiting the President of Germany (2003)
Greeting the crowd from the balcony of the Alþingi building following an inauguration ceremony (2004)
With President and Ms. Putin in the Kremlin (2002)
Reception for the President of China, Reykjavík (2002)